Every summer; travelers, adventurers, families and friends look for a place to spend or cool down the heat. Although some people welcome the season by enjoying the warm beaches, soaking live under the sunlight and you may find others wearing casual suits for summer; people like us (who are afraid of getting tan skin colors or sunburns haha), managed to escape the horrific incident. We cleverly chose to freshen up ourselves by easily having a chilly swim on the cold river of Lisap. It is located at the municipality of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro. The river is really good. Sometimes, bunch of people visit the place. You may like it there.

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credits to the owner
phoca_thumb_l_lisap bridge (3)
credits to the owner

I recorded some clips and captured photos but sadly I’ve lost the images. Swimming is truly enjoying specially with companies like my cousins. We are a band of adventurers who loves go anywhere to spend quality times. LOL!

Watch the short clip here: Click here