Having an adventurer’s heart, I love to go and visit places to explore and experience the beauty of nature. Not just to travel but to go beyond and see unexpected things. We can see that the generation today are packs of travelers, explorers and adventurers who dream to reach all the beautiful destinations around the world. Here in Philippines, there’s so much to tell you about the tourist attractions that will leave you amazed. I can’t enumerate all those places right now but you can just search the web about PH’s tourist spots and famous beaches.

For now, I am going tell you about a place called Suguicay Island located at Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. This white beach island was known for its fine sand and relaxing atmosphere. The water is clear for diving. There are modern rafts or “Balsa” that you can ride there. Lots of people visit the island to spend summer and to chill because it’s so unwinding. It is so peaceful enough to have an overnight stay in the area. Don’t worry, there are rooms for rent or you can simply bring a tent. You can explore the whole island with your friends on foot (island’s not that big).  I’ve been there two times with my friends and I can say that I love my stay there. I can hear the birds and the soft wind in my ears like music. It’s just, nature is way too amazing. It took away my stress, honestly. We are planning to go there again with my other friends.

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To reach the island, you must first go to the Mini Bamboo Port near San Roque, Bulalacao and hire a boat. It will take you to the island. Bring your cameras and phones to capture your happy moments. You can add food, water, tent and other things to your journey. Happy trip!

I’ve recorded some clips for you to watch:

Click this to watch the Suguicay video clip

Click this to watch Mini Bamboo Port video clip

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