“White beach, crystal clear water, captivating, peaceful and fresh”, these are the words that define the Island of Buyayao; one of the fascinating islands of Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. I will tell you a brief story of my adventure there. It was way back June 2015, old but still fresh on my memory; we (my churchmates) unexpectedly agreed to go somewhere to have a summer blast before “back to school”. Unexpected things are always good rather than planning then abort/cancel, “always just a plan” (no doubt haha). Anyways, we chose Buyayao island because some of us have never been there before. Well for me, that’s my second time. Thankfully, there’s one of us who owns a motor boat and good at it so there’s no problem at all.

The travel from our coast (Manaul) covers less than an hour to the island. Travelling with them was awesome. We were so loud and happy while on our way, back then. I can still hear somebody screaming because of the waves that were hitting the boat. The excitement of the majority were visible to me longing to see the natural beauty of that place.

Here we are! My churchmates.

Finally with few snacks and drinks, we have reached the shore of Buyayao. Our eyes turned blue witnessing the whole beauty of it. It is simple but glamour, small but beautiful. The scenery on getting off the boat to the shore was like “seeing Liza Soberano” haha that was too O.A but can’t help falling in love with the place. We enjoyed every single moment together. Yeah we spent it swimming around but most of it were taking selfies, groufies and finding a good angle for the sake of the social media. Haha! The day was exhausting but it was great. Indeed, it was one of my best moments. Precious.

Here are some photos:


Before exploring beyond, explore your home first.

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Happy Trip!