The morning is dark and pale.
The sky is crying
And the sun is nowhere to be seen
Like her smiles and laughter
As I look at her.
Her mind is restless in sorrow.
Her eyes are watering like drops of rain.
She whispers to my ears with voice in vain.
My tears fell down, Does she know?
Crushed by boulders of pain,
Broken by the ones she cared,
Thinking that no one will love her,
My heart is crumpled like paper.
Does she know?
She walks facing the ground.
Glanced at me with glasses on her eyes.
Afraid to see the sun, afraid to be happy again, afraid to love.
I have no words but Does she know?
Does she even know?
With a small courage and guts,
I turned my back and opened my lips
And words escaped out of my mouth to her ears.
The words that were prisoned a long time in me are now free.
The world stopped turning.
I want to run but failed.
Filled with anxiety and fear.
But suddenly, I felt a warm embrace.
It’s so tight but it feels so good.
She whispered again to my ears.
And the words that escaped out of my mouth to her ears, bounced back to me.
The sun came out of my lips.
My heart is dancing in beat.
She knew it all along.
Written by Jay-ee Saballo