Sunshine, sunshine
Where are you?
I just met a woman
With eyes of blue.
Please light my day
And shine like a blessing.
My heart is on fire,
She’s the reason I am smilin’.
Northern wind, northern wind
Where are you?
Her name is a flower
From the city of shoe.
Blow your strongest wind
And send me flying.
Take me to her den
She’s the one I’m searching.
Thunder, thunder
Where are you?
I am in front of her house
I’m leavin’ it to you.
Strike her door softly
With your mighty lightning.
So I may see her beauty
With her eyes sparkling.
Let the sun
Shine its light.
Let the wind
Blow it so tight.
Let the thunder
Roar in delight.
Lead my entrance
To my princess’ sight.
But the three elements
Created a storm.
Revealed the hidden darkness
And lighted the room.
Her house is shattered
By the perilous power.
Unveiling the secret
Of the mysterious lover.
Oh man, oh man
This is not true.
I saw my woman
With horns and claws.
Her eyes are red
Everything is fake.
She’s a monster inside,
A revelation I can’t take.
A lie is a lie
And will never be true.
Goodbye false hopes.
I learned a lesson from you.
The woman vanished
In the blinding radiance.
She tried to grasp me
But didn’t stand a chance.
I went home weary
with my face down……
Rain, Oh Rain
Where are you?
My heart is broken
By the evil I pursued.
Pour out all of it.
Let me cry.
To the biggest mistake
I awfully tried.
Dream, oh dream
Please wake me up
If I am now dreaming,
I need to get up.
There’s only one woman
I’ve always wanted.
Her name is forever,
From my rib she’s created.
Oh my soulmate
Where are you?
Please don’t hide,
I’ve been searching for you.
Oh my love
Where are you now?
I will wait for you patiently,
Until we take our vow.
Written by J.E Saballo